• Civil Rights Project and Rubric
          A project on Civil Rights where students take ownership of an assignment.
  • Civil War Integrated Unit
          An integrated unit between History, English, and Special Education classes.
  • Conboy Poetry Lesson
          A lesson I taught utilizing the community and resources around our school.
  • Fallen Angels Unit
          A Vietnam War unit that centers around a book for teenage readers.
  • Guided Notes
          I developed these to help students grasp the key ideas from a lecture.
  • US History Semester Lessons
          Over four month’s worth of lesson plans I created to teach US History.
  • Vietnam War SIM (Self-Instruction Module)
          A project I made to help students teach themselves about the Vietnam War.
  • Wax Museum Lesson
          This is a project I did to teach biographies. Pictures included.
  • Western Expansion Unit
          This Western Expansion unit plan has everything, including complete rubrics.